Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Long Hijab

Who love long hijab? I am! I am! i started used long hijab from few years back but only in special function. Then after that I am comfort to wore it everytime anywhere i go. Few years back, i still remember when i choose to wear long hijab with baju kurung for the first time for hari raya. Its new style of course especially at my hometown. And my relatives are not really update in fashion. Cewahhh! Ko update sangat? Not really but maybe im staying at KL area so the influence from KL fashionista are strong.  And when balik kampung, everyone staring at me like 'ape hal pompuan ni pakai mcm ni? ingat minah arab ke?' One of my aunty said, kakak, hang nampak macam ustazah botak! Ouch! its quit emmbarassing at the beggining. but then who cares? This is what i want to wear. Not you.. lalalala..excuse me, if you doesnt like it then what can i do?

At the beggining, I just ware the long hijab just the way it is. Pin di depan, dan selempangkan di bahu. So it look like a lil bit mak datin and thats the way orang pemalas pakai tudung wore it.

its called - bila malas style

Then years after years, long hijab is still my choice to anywhere. Pasar malam? dating? or anywhere.. I love long hijab!

Today, theres a lot of 'liliting' style to wear long hijab. And i really loveeee to explore and try it. Just find at youtube there are a lot of tutorial uploading by sweet and nice girl who teach you how to style your hijab.

First time ever wearing hijab. At Cameron with simple lilit :)

         Fashion's victim. This time I looked like 'yakult' .. have u watched yakult television promo?

makin lama makin kemas...

this time dah pandai style-style


Reading this blog really inspires me :'). The blog's owner always stylo but in the same time  wearing hijab. I love you sue anna jo!

Next year style...
Lets try!

Amacam? pening? saya cuma menyahut cabaran! :)


  1. nmpak org pakai cntik. tp nk pakai malu n tak pandai belit2. hehe...
    hrp2 taun depan brani pakai mcm kamu.. hihi

  2. hehehe..awak mesti cantik kalau pakai mcm tu!