Friday, July 10, 2009

MMS Speak UP Malaysia

To all my viewers!

This is the contest of what you want to speak about anything you want to change in Malaysia. Emm anything like ..anything lar..haha. Join this contest. Its really cool coz its make ur brain work never stop to find best idea to share! Click disini!

And the great things is if you DIGI's users, you are about to win RM3000.00 cash and I Pod Shuffle! Menarik bukan???

OMG. I feel like want to change my network to Digi right now!

This is what I feel want to change about. It is for all Malaysian generally and what specifically is for my home members. We (including me) always make my fathers anger up to maximum because we tend to waste water after shower. Use overflow of water. At the end of month, everybody grumble when the bill is over limits. After working and share the responsibility to pay the house bills, only I know how 'sakit hati' when at the end of month you are the one who pay the bills but another people make a waste from that. So I replace my father to 'uproar' (haha) all my siblings. 'Jangan mandi lama-lama sangat' 'Lepas mandi tutup air' 'Jangan biar air melimpah!' huahuahua..anak bapak!

So all malaysian should think together about it. Dont waste our nature resource. My massage can be accepted isnt it??? I hope so, coz somehow I feel like it is not related at all..hehehe..

Here is my content..Cumel sungguh tulisan di bawah air..

p/s : saya cuma guna segelas air untuk sesi fotografi tersebut! ;p

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